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LEO Token (LEO) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum platform. It is categorized as an Exchange-based Token and is part of the Ethereum Ecosystem. LEO Token is ranked 20th in terms of market capitalization. In the past 30 days, LEO Token has seen a price change of 20 percent, indicating potential volatility and investment opportunities. LEO Token can be found on various exchanges, including Bitfinex, OKX, LBank, ProBit Global, DigiFinex, Indodax, AscendEX (BitMax), Polkaswap, and HitBTC. The official website of LEO Token is https://www.bitfinex.com/, where users can find more information about the token and its uses. As a centralized exchange token, LEO Token is primarily associated with Bitfinex, which enhances its utility within the trading platform. In summary, LEO Token is a cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum platform, primarily used within the Bitfinex exchange ecosystem. Its market position, price change, and availability on various exchanges make it an attractive option for cryptocurrency traders.