Convert Sui to The Graph Price Calculator & sui vs. grt Comparison

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1 Sui (sui) == 5.1467968942293 The Graph (grt).
Rate : 5.1467968942293

Sui (sui) Price: 0.460031$
The Graph (grt) Price: 0.089382$

How much is 1 Sui in The Graph

1 Sui is 5.1467968942293 The Graph.

Comparison and Review: Sui vs. The Graph



Sui is a layer-1 blockchain platform that prioritizes low-latency blockchain transfers. It is designed for instant transaction finality and high-speed transaction throughput, making it ideal for on-chain use cases such as games, finance, and real-time applications. Sui's smart contracts are written in Move, a Rust-based programming language optimized for fast and secure transaction executions.


Sui achieves "horizontal scaling" through transaction parallelization, enabling parallel agreement across different types of transactions. This approach allows for the validation of independent transactions by Sui nodes using a byzantine fault-tolerant proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

The Graph


The Graph is an indexing protocol and global API that organizes blockchain data and provides easy access through GraphQL. It enables developers to search, find, and publish public data required for building decentralized applications. The Graph Network allows the development of serverless dApps that run entirely on public infrastructure.

GRT Token

The Graph's native token, GRT, is an ERC20 token used for coordinating work within the network. Node operators, known as Indexers, stake and earn GRT for processing queries. It is also possible for anyone to delegate GRT to Indexers in order to secure the network and earn rewards. Curators play a role in organizing data by signaling GRT on useful APIs called subgraphs. Indexers, Delegators, and Curators work together to maintain a useful global API for DeFi and Web3.


Asset Platform

Sui does not specify an asset platform, while The Graph is built on the Ethereum platform.


Sui falls into categories such as Smart Contract Platform, Layer 1 (L1), and Sui Ecosystem. On the other hand, The Graph is categorized under Business Services, Infrastructure, Analytics, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and various ecosystem categories including Ethereum Ecosystem, Solana Ecosystem, Polygon Ecosystem, and more.

Market Cap Rank

Sui holds a market cap rank of 100, while The Graph ranks at 45.

Price Change Percentage (30 days)

Sui has experienced a price change percentage of 100% in the last 30 days. In contrast, The Graph has seen a negative price change percentage of -22.25484% during the same period.