Convert Sui to Mina Protocol Price Calculator & sui vs. mina Comparison

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1 Sui (sui) == 1.1997313825972 Mina Protocol (mina).
Rate : 1.1997313825972

Sui (sui) Price: 0.460031$
Mina Protocol (mina) Price: 0.383445$

How much is 1 Sui in Mina Protocol

1 Sui is 1.1997313825972 Mina Protocol.

Comparison and Review: Sui vs Mina Protocol


Sui is a layer-1 blockchain optimizing for low-latency blockchain transfers. It focuses on instant transaction finality and high-speed transaction throughput, making it suitable for on-chain use cases like games, finance, and other real-time applications. Sui's smart contracts are written in Move, a Rust-based programming language that prioritizes fast and secure transaction executions. The platform achieves "horizontal scaling" through "transaction parallelization," enabling parallel agreement across different types of transactions. Independent transactions are validated by Sui nodes using the byzantine fault-tolerant proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

Mina Protocol

The Mina Protocol is known as the world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants. It aims to build a privacy-preserving gateway between the real world and crypto, providing the infrastructure for a secure and democratic future. While specific categories for Mina Protocol are not mentioned, it is likely to cover areas such as privacy, security, and decentralization.



Both Sui and Mina Protocol offer unique features to enhance blockchain performance. Sui focuses on low-latency transfers, instant transaction finality, and high-speed throughput. On the other hand, Mina Protocol emphasizes being the lightest blockchain, which could potentially contribute to faster transaction processing and lower resource requirements.

Smart Contract Language

Sui uses Move, a Rust-based programming language, for writing smart contracts. Move prioritizes fast and secure transaction executions. In contrast, the smart contract language used by Mina Protocol is not mentioned in the available information.

Scaling Mechanism

Sui achieves horizontal scaling through transaction parallelization, enabling parallel agreement across different types of transactions. Mina Protocol's scaling mechanism is not specified in the provided description.

Consensus Mechanism

Sui utilizes a Byzantine fault-tolerant proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate independent transactions. The consensus mechanism employed by Mina Protocol is not mentioned in the available information.


Both Sui and Mina Protocol present interesting features and aims in the blockchain space. Sui focuses on low-latency transfers and high-speed throughput, while Mina Protocol aims to be the lightest blockchain, providing privacy and security. Further research and analysis are needed to understand the full potential and capabilities of each project.