Convert Internet Computer to XRP Price Calculator & icp vs. xrp Comparison

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1 Internet Computer (icp) == 6.1423247517969 XRP (xrp).
Rate : 6.1423247517969

Internet Computer (icp) Price: 3.12$
XRP (xrp) Price: 0.507951$

How much is 1 Internet Computer in XRP

1 Internet Computer is 6.1423247517969 XRP.

Comparing Internet Computer (ICP) and XRP Internet Computer (ICP)

Internet Computer is a revolutionary blockchain platform designed to support smart contract development at scale and change the way people interact with web services. It aims to extend the public internet to become the world's computing platform in a decentralized manner. ICP, the native token of Internet Computer, plays important roles in network governance, production of compute cycles, and rewarding users for participating in the network.

XRP by Ripple

Ripple is a cryptocurrency platform that facilitates fast and cost-effective transactions through its transactional protocol, XRP. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP transfers are immediate, eliminating the need for typical confirmation times. Ripple was originally founded by Ripple Labs and continues to be backed by the company. XRP has a fixed supply of 100 billion tokens, with most of them owned by Ripple Labs itself. Ripple Labs aims to leverage the technology behind XRP to enable faster banking transactions globally.


Market Cap Rank

ICP currently holds the 33rd position in terms of market capitalization, while XRP is ranked 5th. This indicates that XRP has a higher market capitalization and potentially a larger user base.

Price Change Percentage in 30 Days

ICP has experienced a 33% increase in price over the past 30 days, while XRP has seen a decrease of 39.16%. These fluctuations in price indicate the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and the potential risks associated with investing in these tokens.

Token Utility

ICP serves as a governance token, allowing users to participate in the network's governance and be rewarded with ICPI. It can also be converted into cycles, used as transaction fees, and burned after use. XRP, on the other hand, is primarily used for facilitating fast and low-cost transactions on the Ripple network.

Ownership and Supply

While Ripple Labs maintains ownership of a significant portion of XRP tokens, Internet Computer aims to decentralize its network by allowing community members to govern the platform. This difference in ownership structure may have implications for the overall control and development of the respective blockchain platforms.

Use Case

ICP aims to revolutionize the crypto economy by overhauling traditional software services and extending the capabilities of the public internet. XRP, on the other hand, focuses on enabling faster banking transactions worldwide. The use case of each token may appeal to different audiences and industries.