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1 Cosmos Hub (atom) == 1 Cosmos Hub (atom).
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Cosmos Hub (atom) Price: 7.13$
Cosmos Hub (atom) Price: 7.13$

How much is 1 Cosmos Hub in Cosmos Hub

1 Cosmos Hub is 1 Cosmos Hub.

Cosmos Hub (ATOM) - A Comprehensive Review


Cosmos Hub is a blockchain network that consists of independent, parallel blockchains called zones. These zones are powered by classical Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus protocols like Tendermint. The Cosmos network enables interoperation between different applications and cryptocurrencies, allowing for seamless transfer of tokens across various zones without the need for intermediaries.


The native token of the Cosmos Hub is called ATOM. ATOM serves three primary functions within the network:

  1. Spam Prevention: ATOM is used to pay fees, similar to Ethereum's concept of "gas". The fees may vary based on the computational requirements of the transaction.
  2. Staking: ATOM can be staked to earn block rewards. The more ATOMs staked, the higher the economic security of the network, making it more resistant to attacks.
  3. Governance: Atom holders can participate in the governance of the Cosmos Hub by voting on proposals using their staked ATOMs. This allows for decentralized decision-making within the network.

Features and Benefits

Market Performance

Cosmos Hub, with its ATOM token, currently holds the 30th position in terms of market capitalization. However, it has experienced a negative price change of -19.26% over the past 30 days.


The Cosmos Hub, powered by the ATOM token, offers a unique approach to blockchain networks with its focus on interoperability, scalability, security, and decentralized governance. Despite the recent price decrease, Cosmos Hub continues to be an intriguing project in the crypto space.