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1 BitTorrent (btt) == 1 BitTorrent (btt).
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BitTorrent (btt) Price: 9.6858E-7$
BitTorrent (btt) Price: 9.6858E-7$

How much is 1 BitTorrent in BitTorrent

1 BitTorrent is 1 BitTorrent.

BitTorrent (BTT) Token Review

BitTorrent (BTT) is a peer-to-peer protocol designed for file sharing across the globe. It was created by Bram Cohen and has gained popularity for its decentralized nature and efficient file transfer capabilities. In order to enhance the functionality of BitTorrent, the BitTorrent Token (BTT) was developed as a TRC-10 token on the TRON blockchain platform.

Key Features

The BitTorrent Token offers several features that aim to improve the BitTorrent network:

1. Economic Incentives

BTT introduces economics into the BitTorrent ecosystem by allowing users to share and trade networking, bandwidth, and storage resources. This creates a more efficient and incentivized environment for file sharing.

2. BitTorrent Speed

One of the notable features of BTT is BitTorrent Speed, where users can use BTT tokens to obtain faster download speeds. This incentivizes users to acquire and hold BTT tokens in order to enhance their file sharing experience.

Market Performance

Currently ranked 91 in terms of market capitalization, BitTorrent has shown a price change of -10.91% in the past 30 days. However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile, and these figures may change rapidly.


Overall, BitTorrent (BTT) offers an innovative approach to enhancing the functionality of the BitTorrent network. Through the introduction of economic incentives and the BitTorrent Speed feature, BTT aims to improve the file sharing experience for users. It is worth keeping an eye on this token and monitoring its performance in the market.


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