Convert USDC to Litecoin Price Calculator & usdc vs. ltc Comparison

With the ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency market, keeping track of real-time prices between USDC and Litecoin can be challenging. Our dedicated USDC to Litecoin price converter & calculator makes this task seamless and straightforward. Whether you're an investor, trader, or crypto enthusiast, leverage our tool to get the latest conversion rates of usdc vs. ltc. Stay ahead of the market and make informed decisions by accessing the most up-to-date data at your fingertips

1 USDC (usdc) == 0.015184282460137 Litecoin (ltc).
Rate : 0.015184282460137

USDC (usdc) Price: 0.999885$
Litecoin (ltc) Price: 65.85$

How much is 1 USDC in Litecoin

1 USDC is 0.015184282460137 Litecoin.

USDC vs Litecoin: A Comparison and Review

About USDC

USDC (USD Coin) is a fully collateralized US dollar stablecoin. It serves as a bridge between traditional dollars and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. USDC is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is part of the CENTRE technology, which enables the exchange of value between individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. The goal is to create a more inclusive global economy by removing artificial economic borders.

  • Symbol: USDC
  • Name: USD Coin
  • Asset Platform: Ethereum
  • Categories: Mantle Ecosystem, Stablecoins, USD Stablecoin, BNB Chain Ecosystem, Solana Ecosystem, Polygon Ecosystem, Gnosis Chain Ecosystem, Arbitrum Ecosystem, Avalanche Ecosystem, Harmony Ecosystem, Moonriver Ecosystem, Near Protocol Ecosystem, Fantom Ecosystem, Moonbeam Ecosystem, Cronos Ecosystem, Metis Ecosystem, Arbitrum Nova Ecosystem, Velas Ecosystem, Optimism Ecosystem, Ethereum Ecosystem, ZkSync Ecosystem, Canto Ecosystem
  • Market Cap Rank: 6
  • Price Change in Last 30 Days: 6%

About Litecoin

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee. It was built on the Bitcoin protocol but differs in terms of the hashing algorithm used. Litecoin utilizes the Scrypt proof of work mining algorithm, which allows mining with consumer-grade hardware, like GPUs.

Litecoin was designed as an alternative or "altcoin" to Bitcoin, offering investors a way to diversify their digital currency portfolio. It was created to be faster than Bitcoin, with a block generation time of 2.5 minutes compared to Bitcoin's 10 minutes. Its larger blocks and more coins in circulation make it more affordable and quicker for transactions.

The network is scheduled to cap at 84 million currency units, and it has inspired other popular altcoins like Dogecoin due to its Scrypt hashing algorithm, which prevents ASIC miners from dominating the network.

  • Symbol: LTC
  • Name: Litecoin
  • Asset Platform: N/A
  • Categories: Array
  • Market Cap Rank: 15
  • Price Change in Last 30 Days: -30.26%


While both USDC and Litecoin belong to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, their functionalities and purposes are quite distinct.


USDC is a stablecoin fully backed by US dollars, aiming to maintain a 1:1 ratio with the dollar and reduce volatility. On the other hand, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency subject to market fluctuations and does not possess stability features inherent to stablecoins.

Use Case

USDC is primarily designed as a digital asset that facilitates the exchange of value across different platforms, including cryptocurrency exchanges. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional dollars and the world of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin, on the other hand, functions primarily as a digital currency for regular transactions and peer-to-peer payments.

Blockchain Platform

USDC operates on the Ethereum blockchain, taking advantage of its smart contract capabilities and expansive ecosystem. Litecoin, on the other hand, does not specify an asset platform, indicating that it may not be tied to a specific blockchain.

Market Position

Currently, USDC holds a higher market cap rank (6th) compared to Litecoin (15th). However, it's important to note that market rankings can change over time due to fluctuations in market conditions.

Price Performance

In the last 30 days, USDC experienced a positive price change of 6%, indicating relative stability. In contrast, Litecoin saw a negative price change of -30.26%, highlighting its volatility in the market.