Convert USDC to Klaytn Price Calculator & usdc vs. klay Comparison

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1 USDC (usdc) == 8.3639483397923 Klaytn (klay).
Rate : 8.3639483397923

USDC (usdc) Price: 0.999266$
Klaytn (klay) Price: 0.119473$

How much is 1 USDC in Klaytn

1 USDC is 8.3639483397923 Klaytn.

Comparison and Review: USDC vs Klaytn


Symbol: USDC
Name: USD Coin
Asset Platform: Ethereum
Categories: @Mantle Ecosystem, Solana Ecosystem, ZkSync Ecosystem, Canto Ecosystem, Harmony Ecosystem, Velas Ecosystem, Optimism Ecosystem, Arbitrum Nova Ecosystem, Metis Ecosystem, Cronos Ecosystem, Ethereum Ecosystem, Moonbeam Ecosystem, Near Protocol Ecosystem, Fantom Ecosystem, Arbitrum Ecosystem, Moonriver Ecosystem, Avalanche Ecosystem, BNB Chain Ecosystem, Polygon Ecosystem, Gnosis Chain Ecosystem, USD Stablecoin, Stablecoins
Market Cap Rank: 6
Price Change in the Last 30 Days: +6%

USDC is a fully collateralized stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. It is designed to provide a bridge between traditional fiat currency and digital assets, allowing for easier trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The technology behind USDC, known as CENTRE, enables the seamless exchange of value between individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. By removing economic borders, it aims to foster a more inclusive global economy.


Symbol: KLAY
Name: Klaytn
Asset Platform: Klaytn
Categories: Information not available
Market Cap Rank: 85
Price Change in the Last 30 Days: -18.64%

Klaytn is a public blockchain platform that focuses on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Launched in 2019, it has gained significant popularity in South Korea and is now expanding globally from its base in Singapore. The platform is supported by the Klaytn Growth Fund, a $500 million initiative aimed at fostering the development of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed by the Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit organization.


Both USDC and Klaytn are blockchain-based projects that serve different purposes. USDC is a stablecoin, while Klaytn is a blockchain platform. Here are some key points of comparison:

Asset Platform

USDC is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is known for its smart contract functionality and wide adoption. Klaytn, on the other hand, has its own asset platform called Klaytn, which is specifically designed for the Klaytn blockchain.


USDC is categorized under various ecosystems and stablecoin categories, indicating its compatibility and integration with different blockchain platforms. Klaytn's categories were not available, so it's unclear how it specifically fits into the blockchain ecosystem.

Market Cap Rank

USDC ranks higher in terms of market capitalization, currently holding the 6th position. Klaytn, on the other hand, has a lower market cap rank, standing at 85. This indicates that USDC is more widely recognized and utilized in the market.

Price Change

In the last 30 days, USDC has experienced a positive price change of 6%, indicating potential stability and demand. In contrast, Klaytn has seen a negative price change of 18.64%. This suggests a downturn in market sentiment for Klaytn during this period.


In summary, USDC and Klaytn are two distinct blockchain projects serving different purposes. USDC is a stablecoin that facilitates the transfer of value between traditional fiat currency and digital assets. It is widely recognized and holds a higher market cap rank. On the other hand, Klaytn is a blockchain platform focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Its market cap rank is lower, and it has experienced a recent decline in price. Further research and analysis are recommended before making any investment or utilization decisions.