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1 Optimism (op) == 12.181086552921 Klaytn (klay).
Rate : 12.181086552921

Optimism (op) Price: 1.45$
Klaytn (klay) Price: 0.119037$

How much is 1 Optimism in Klaytn

1 Optimism is 12.181086552921 Klaytn.

Optimism (OP) vs. Klaytn (KLAY) - A Comparison and Review


In this article, we will compare and review Optimism (OP) and Klaytn (KLAY), two popular coins in the cryptocurrency market. We will analyze various aspects of these tokens, including their market performance, features, and potential for investment.

Optimism (OP)


Optimism (OP) is the token for the Optimism Collective, which governs the Optimism L2 blockchain. It is an experiment in digital democratic governance, aiming to drive sustainable growth of a decentralized ecosystem. The newly formed Optimism Foundation acts as a steward for the project.

Features and Governance

OP governs upgrades to the protocol and network parameters of the Optimism L2 blockchain. It creates an ongoing system of incentives for projects and users within the Optimism ecosystem. Furthermore, a portion of the total token supply will be distributed to projects on Optimism via governance, providing opportunities for developers building on the Ethereum ecosystem.

Market Performance

Currently ranked 42nd in terms of market capitalization, Optimism has shown a positive price change percentage of 42% over the last 30 days. This indicates growing interest and potential for investors in this token.

Listed Exchanges

Optimism is listed on several well-known exchanges, including MEXC, DigiFinex, Bitget, and many others. This wide availability makes it easily tradable and accessible for users.

Official Website

For more information about Optimism, you can visit their official website:

Klaytn (KLAY)


Klaytn (KLAY) is a public blockchain platform focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. It was launched in 2019 and has gained significant popularity in South Korea. The project is now expanding globally from its base in Singapore, supported by the Klaytn Growth Fund.

Features and Expansion

Klaytn aims to foster a thriving ecosystem of companies built on its blockchain. To support this goal, the Klaytn Growth Fund, with a capital of US$500 million, has been established. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Singapore.

Market Performance

Currently ranked 84th in terms of market capitalization, Klaytn has experienced a recent price drop of 13.09% over the last 30 days. This may present a potential buying opportunity for investors who believe in the long-term potential of the project.

Listed Exchanges

Klaytn is available for trading on various exchanges, including MEXC, DigiFinex, Bitget, and several others. The wide range of exchanges ensures liquidity and ease of access for investors.

Official Website

To learn more about Klaytn, you can visit their official website:


Both Optimism (OP) and Klaytn (KLAY) are promising projects in the blockchain space. Optimism focuses on digital democratic governance and aims to drive sustainable growth in a decentralized ecosystem. On the other hand, Klaytn is dedicated to the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy, with plans for global expansion.

When considering investment options, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and analyze various factors, such as market performance, project objectives, and team expertise. Both Optimism and Klaytn have unique value propositions, and the choice of investment ultimately depends on individual preferences and risk appetite.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute financial advice. Investors should evaluate their own circumstances and conduct proper due diligence before making any investment decisions.