Convert Polygon to Chainlink Price Calculator & matic vs. link Comparison

With the ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency market, keeping track of real-time prices between Polygon and Chainlink can be challenging. Our dedicated Polygon to Chainlink price converter & calculator makes this task seamless and straightforward. Whether you're an investor, trader, or crypto enthusiast, leverage our tool to get the latest conversion rates of matic vs. link. Stay ahead of the market and make informed decisions by accessing the most up-to-date data at your fingertips

1 Polygon (matic) == 0.0539 Chainlink (link).
Rate : 0.0539

Polygon (matic) Price: 0.892584$
Chainlink (link) Price: 16.56$

How much is 1 Polygon in Chainlink

1 Polygon is 0.0539 Chainlink.

Comparison and Review: Polygon vs Chainlink

Polygon (MATIC) Overview

Polygon, previously known as Matic Network, is a well-structured and user-friendly platform for scaling and infrastructure development on the Ethereum network. It provides the Polygon SDK, a flexible framework that supports the creation of various types of applications. With Polygon, developers can build Optimistic Rollup chains, ZK Rollup chains, or standalone chains to meet their infrastructure requirements.

One significant advantage of Polygon is its ability to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain system, similar to other platforms like Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche. Polygon leverages Ethereum's security, vibrant ecosystem, and openness while expanding its capabilities with new features. The existing ecosystem built on the Plasma-POS chain remains unaffected, and Polygon continues to enhance the core technology for scalability and a larger ecosystem.

As for the $MATIC token, it will continue to exist and play an increasingly important role in securing the system and enabling governance.

Chainlink (LINK) Overview

Chainlink is a framework that facilitates the development of Decentralized Oracle Networks (DONs) on blockchain networks. Its primary objective is to bring real-world data onto blockchains and enable the creation of hybrid smart contracts. DONs offered by Chainlink provide various decentralized services, including Price Feeds, Proof of Reserve, Verifiable Randomness, Keepers, and seamless integration with web APIs.

Chainlink's focus is on ensuring the reliability and tamper-proof nature of external information (such as pricing, weather data, event outcomes) and off-chain computations (such as randomness and transaction automation) used by smart contracts on-chain.


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Both Polygon and Chainlink are powerful platforms in the blockchain space, but they serve different purposes. Polygon focuses on scaling and infrastructure development on Ethereum, while Chainlink enhances smart contract capabilities by providing reliable and tamper-proof external data. Investors and developers should consider their specific needs and goals when choosing between these two projects.