Convert Bitcoin Cash to Ethereum Classic Price Calculator & bch vs. etc Comparison

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1 Bitcoin Cash (bch) == 14.683567501527 Ethereum Classic (etc).
Rate : 14.683567501527

Bitcoin Cash (bch) Price: 240.37$
Ethereum Classic (etc) Price: 16.37$

How much is 1 Bitcoin Cash in Ethereum Classic

1 Bitcoin Cash is 14.683567501527 Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency that emerged as a result of a contentious hard fork from the Ethereum blockchain. It maintains the original Ethereum blockchain and has continued to operate independently.

Origins of Ethereum Classic

In 2016, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called "The DAO" was created on the Ethereum network. However, a vulnerability in the code was exploited, resulting in the theft of a significant amount of Ether (ETH). To rectify the situation, the Ethereum community proposed a hard fork to reverse the theft and restore the funds. However, a portion of the community opposed this decision, believing that it went against the principles of decentralization and immutability. This ultimately led to the creation of Ethereum Classic.

Key Differences from Ethereum

As the original Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Classic retains many of the same features and functionalities. However, there are some notable differences between the two:

Community and Developments

Ethereum Classic has a dedicated and passionate community of developers, enthusiasts, and supporters. Despite being ranked at number 30 in terms of market capitalization, Ethereum Classic continues to see ongoing developments and improvements.

Price Performance

Over the past 30 days, Ethereum Classic has experienced a negative price change of approximately -19.0124 percent. It is important to note that cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and subject to market conditions.


Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency that emerged from a contentious hard fork in the Ethereum blockchain. It maintains the original Ethereum network and places a strong emphasis on immutability and decentralization. Despite its lower market ranking, Ethereum Classic has a dedicated community and continues to see ongoing developments.